Sunday, October 2, 2022


Rock in the City 2022 (Kerava): Afterthoughts

We've finished writing about the artists, but what did we feel about Rock in the City festival (Kerava edition) as a whole? Check out this Afterthoughts report to see how it held up against other festivals this summer...

Tuska Festival 2022: Afterthoughts

Tuska Festival took place this year on July 1st through 3rd. Read our festival afterthoughts report to see how it held up compared to previous years!

Nummirock 2022: Afterthoughts

So, Nummirock 2022 is behind us, as was one of the hottest midsummers we can recall at that festival. So what did we think overall? You'll have to read our Festival Afterthoughts to find out!

Metal Capital Festival 2022: Afterthoughts

While we didn't officially attend Metal Capital Festival, some of us were still there. So, how well did this festival debut? Check out our Afterthoughts here...

Rockfest 2022: Afterthoughts

Rockfest is finally behind us, so we are here to share our overall thoughts on the festival now! Don't forget to check out the festival reports and the galleries!

A Devil’s Dozen Metal Songs with Saxophone

If you've ever wanted a little more saxophone in your hard rock and heavy metal, good news! We've compiled a devil's dozen songs that include this rare-in-metal instrument. Check them out here...

10 Metal Songs With Violin

We compiled a list of songs for you featuring violin. Check out the list here:

The Dogs of War

We're back again with a new blog that delves into songs of war, albeit not necessarily the most obvious choices. Check out this selection here...

UNLEASHED: Lost in Grey share the story from The Grey Realms

Bear Wiseman's Unleashed series is back! This time, in celebration fifth anniversary of Lost in Grey's third album, we're looking back on their debut, "The Grey Realms," and discussing its story! Check out Lost in Grey Unleashed here...

The 69 Eyes join the Atomic Fire Records roster + new music on the horizon!

The 69 Eyes join the Atomic Fire Records roster + new music on the horizon! More info here...

PRELISTENING: Udo Dirkschneider – My Way

We got to listen to Udo Dirkschneider's new record in advance. Read our first impressions here...

PRELISTENING: Meshuggah – Immutable

We attended a virtual prelistening session of Meshuggah's new album, "Immutable." Check out our impressions here...

10 Instrumental Releases of 2021

We compiled a list of 10 instrumental releases of 2021 that you should check out!

READERS’ CHOICE: Best album of 2021

The results are in! These are your 5 favorite albums of 2021...

2021 IN MUSIC: Eero Maijala (Edge Of Haze)

If you were wondering what progressive metal act Edge of Haze has been up to in 2021, say no more! We asked bass player Eero Maijala what the year looked like for him.

STAFF’S CHOICE: Best of 2021

For several days now, we've been sharing each of our journalists' favorite releases of 2021. Now, we've collected the top 10 international and Finnish releases and what 2021's best songs were according to our staff!

2021’s Top 10 Empowerment Anthems

Started the year on a negative note? Here's a list of empowerment songs from 2021!

2021 IN MUSIC: Jaakko Mäntymaa (Marianas Rest)

Recently signed to Napalm Records, doom metal act MARIANAS REST have become a staple of the Finnish metal scene. With the release of "Fata...

Tuonela Magazine’s Annual Staff Picks (2021): Bear Wiseman’s Edition

Time for another list today! Check out Bear Wiseman's list here...

Tuonela Magazine’s Annual Staff Picks (2021): Jana De Boeck’s edition

Last but certainly not least! One more list of 2021's finest music according to our journalist Jana De Boeck.