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Submission guidelines for independent bands

  • Before getting in touch, please be aware that we are an English-language media and therefore, we require press releases and other queries in English. While we do post Finnish news occasionally, we consist of an international staff, so our main language of communication is English.
  • If you are a Finnish or independent band, you’re our priority for reviews! Bands may send us their press kits for EPs and albums (digital promos only) to submissions(at) Please use this email address only for submissions, we unsubscribe to every newsletter we are added to on this email address.
  • Electronic press kits should include:
    • Introductory email about the band
    • Biography
    • Information about the album itself
    • Promotional photographs
    • Links to social media and YouTube channel
  • We review albums of independent bands up to 1 year after the release, however, we prefer getting your album release info before its release date.
  • We don’t review demos or unfinished songs and the singles we review are selected by our staff.
  • If you send us your material, please link us to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Do not send us any songs via download links (eg. WeTransfer).
  • Do not send us promo via social media, we either won’t respond to this or we will send you straight to this page to read our submission guidelines! Please don’t send private messages to our staff either if you want your album reviewed.
  • Due to the high amount of email traffic (we receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis), we are not be able to respond to your submissions directly. However, we do read every email we get and every album that gets sent to us, will be added to our review list, which our staff can choose from. If we review your album, we will be in touch with you when the article is published or for an interview.
  • If you have a show coming up and would like us to cover it, please send us the information well in advance and we will check if any of our reporters or photographers is available. We have a teams in Finland and Poland.


  • We try to share both local and international news relevant to our hard rock and heavy metal community within 24 business hours whenever possible. If you would like to consider your press release for publication, please contact us at tuonelamagazine(at)
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Join as a journalist/photographer?

We are always looking for more volunteers! If you’d like to see whether we can work together, please send us an application via tuonelamagazine(at)