Tuesday, January 31, 2023


(1992) Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus: Anniversary Special

On November 1st, 1992, Amorphis released "The Karelian Isthmus," via Relapse Records. Check it out as today's anniversary special, to see how it holds up...

(1992) Bon Jovi – Keep the Faith: Anniversary Special

Bon Jovi's "Keep the Faith" was released 30 years ago today, so check out our anniversary special here...

(2012) Kamelot – Silverthorn: Anniversary Special

On this day back in 2012 Kamelot released "Silverthorn," their first album with Tommy Karevik on vocals. See what we think about this album a decade later by reading our anniversary special here...

(2012) Machinae Supremacy – Rise of a Digital Nation: Anniversary Special

On this day in 2012, Machinae Supremacy released "Rise of a Digital Nation." How does it hold up 10 years later? Find out in today's anniversary special...

(1992) Alice in Chains – Dirt: Anniversary Special

On this day, 30 years ago, Alice in Chains released one of the most iconic albums of the '90s: "Dirt." Reflect back on this classic in today's anniversary special!

(2012) Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud: Anniversary Special

If you didn't know about Devin Townsend before 2012, that may have changed with the release of "Epicloud." Since it was released 10 years ago today, we decided to give it an anniversary spin. Here are our thoughts on how this album holds up!

(2002) Disturbed – Believe: Anniversary Special

On this day in 2002, Disturbed released their sophomore effort, "Believe," via Reprise Records. Check out how it holds up as today's anniversary special!

(2002) In Flames – Reroute to Remain: Anniversary Special

2002 was a good year for Gothenburg metal, with many good albums, including In Flames' new release of the year, "Reroute to Remain." Check it out as today's anniversary special!

(2002) Forgotten Tomb – Songs to Leave: Anniversary Special

On this day in 2002, Forgotten Tomb released "Songs to Leave." As today's anniversary special, check out how the album holds up after 20 years...

(2002) Dark Tranquility – Damage Done: Anniversary Special

Did you notice that Dark Tranquillity's "Damage Done" celebrated its 20th anniversary last month? Check our our special feature and see how the album holds up!

(2012) Baroness – Yellow & Green: Anniversary Special

Ten years ago, Baroness released their third album in their color-coded journey with "Yellow and Green." Check out our anniversary special of this classic here...

(1992) Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond: Anniversary Special

On this day in 1992, Blind Guardian released "Somewhere Far Beyond." Read our anniversary special today for this classic album...

(2012) Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage: Anniversary Special

On this day in 2012, Gojira dove deep into philosophy with "L'Enfant Sauvage." Check our our anniversary special on this classic album...

(2012) Ihsahn – Eremita: Anniversary Special

On this day in 2012, Ihsahn released a fabulous new album, "Eremita," via Candelight Records. Check out our review as an anniversary special today!

(2002) Nightwish – Century Child: Anniversary Special

On this day, 20 years ago, Nightwish released the acclaimed album, "Century Child." Check out how it holds up, as today's anniversary special!

(2012) Sonata Arctica – Stones Grow Her Name: Anniversary Special

Today's 10th anniversary special is dedicated to exploring "Stones Grow Her Name" by Sonata Arctica, to decide if the album was a strong addition to the band's discography, or a bit of a disappointment. Read the verdict here...

(2002) Sentenced – The Cold White Light: Anniversary Special

Sentence released one of their most beloved albums on May 13th, 2002. Today, we look back on "The Cold White Light" for its 20th anniversary for this classic album review...

(1992) Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark: Anniversary Special

30 years ago, we were graced with one of Iron Maiden's occasionally underrated albums, "Fear of the Dark." Now we're look back on this classic album as today's anniversary special!

(2012) Status Minor – Ouroboros: Anniversary Special + concept teaser

Today, "Ouroboros" by Status Minor turns 10! Read the anniversary special here...

(2012) The Foreshadowing – Second World: Anniversary Special

The Foreshadowing are celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Second World" today, so be sure to check out our anniversary special of this classic album...