Sunday, May 16, 2021
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REVIEW: Arion – Vultures Die Alone

The success behind Finnish power metal act ARION knows no limits, with both their 2014 debut and 2018 sophomore release earning them nominations for...

REVIEW: Majestica – A Christmas Carol

It surely seems like an eternity has passed since the beginning of 2020 and we're already almost at the end of what has been...

REVIEW: Kamelot – I Am the Empire (Live from the 013)

After three highly praised records with Swedish vocalist Tommy Karevik, the time has come for symphonic power metal icon KAMELOT to put out a...

(2000) Nightwish – Wishmaster: Anniversary Special

Rivers of ink have flowed covering the fascinating topic that is NIGHTWISH and their brand of symphonic power metal that took the world by...

REVIEW: Damnation Angels – Fiber of Our Being

British symphonic power metal outfit DAMNATION ANGELS have been around since 2006, with two highly acclaimed releases under their belt, “Bringer of Light” (2012)...

REVIEW: Everfrost – Winterider

Even though passion is what fuels young bands to drive forward in composing music, ambition is what can lift up some projects from pleasant...

A Day in the life of Everfrost (Winterider Special)

EVERFROST is a symphonic power metal band from Finland, who are about to release their sophomore album "Winterider". The band takes influences from tons...

FEATURED SINGLE: Everfrost – Winterider

About a month ago, we wrote about a single named "Cold Night Remedy" by the symphonic power metal act EVERFROST. A month later, the...