REVIEW: Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation


It is time again to raise our axes, swords, spears, etc., and get ready for battle. RHAPSODY OF FIRE, the Italian symphonic power metal band from the “Emerald Swords” saga, returns with all dragons blazing on their latest album, “Glory for Salvation”: a bloody battle against the drudgery of everyday life. This is an album full of quests and wizard worship, battles, and everything that a perfectly detailed and crafted fantasy world needs. Another concept and saga is one thing, but it is the music that helps to get the story across. It is the emotional base for the narrative and it is the area where RHAPSODY OF FIRE makes a difference.

Through the years, the band’s lineup has changed but the storytelling still continues. The last man standing from the original line-up is keyboard player Alex Staropoli. He continues to lead the songwriting charge with complementing creative ideas from guitarist Roberto De Micheli. The band begins with “Son of Vengeance,” an exciting opener bearing all the hallmarks of classic RHAPSODY. Keyboardist Alex Staropoli leads the intro with heavy guitar riffs supporting the melody until vocalist Giacomo Voli gives the thickness and power with the lyrics. “The Kingdom of Ice” is a bouncy track with dramatic tendencies and a classic sounding chorus, followed by the assertive title track, featuring heavy choral backing and a typically adept solo from De Micheli but, due in no small part to the band’s own high standards, falls just short of delivering a true knockout punch.

The deeply accented narration of “Eternal Snow” follows into the medieval adventure of “Terial the Hawk,” an upbeat and heroic flight of fantasy backed by uilleann pipes, Celtic harp, violin, cello, and baroque recorders. Powered by the rhythm section of bassist Alessandro Sala and drummer Paolo Marchesich, “Maid of the Secret Sand” flows and rises into the dark drama of the 10-minute “Abyss of Pain II,” where Giacomo Voli shows a more aggressive side of his vocals. It’s a long and complex track, switching between anger and pain, choirs and power metal, with lyrics in English and Italian.

The album not only has a variety of instruments, but RHAPSODY uses different languages, as the two last tracks, “Un’ode per l’eroe” (An Ode For the Hero) and “La esencia de un rey” (The Royal Essence of a King), are Italian and Spanish versions of “Magic Signs.” “Infinitae Gloriae” features some subtle orchestration and a traditionally uplifting RHAPSODY style chorus, while “Magic Signs” is an epic power ballad with occasional melodic fillers. “I’ll Be Your Hero” possesses a more lightweight and contemporary Euro-metal sound, while pulse-pounding and fist-pumping addictive closer “Chains of Destiny” could happily level the mightiest of castles. With this song, the saga ends this epic album.

From Trieste, a small town in Italy with majestic musicianship, RHAPSODY OF FIRE take us on a journey from their ancient cathedrals, labyrinths, and wailing winds to its secret sand and mystic rain. “Glory for Salvation” is another unapologetic escape into a fantasy world of heroism, magic quests, and glorious victory. It’s fun, full of energy and well-crafted songs, with catchy choruses and powerful riffs. It feels epic, like all good power metal albums are supposed to, and the production was done with attention to details and none of the instruments was left unheard. It sounds great, while being equally enjoyable to listen to and to talk about.

Written by Peter Jerman


  1. Son Of Vengeance
  2. The Kingdom Of Ice
  3. Glory For Salvation
  4. Eternal Snow
  5. Terial The Hawk
  6. Maid Of The Secret Sand
  7. Abyss Of Pain II
  8. Infinitae Gloriae
  9. Magic Signs
  10. I’ll Be Your Hero
  11. Chains Of Destiny
  12. Un’Ode Per L’Eroe
  13. La Esencia De Un Rey


Giacomo Voli – Vocals
Alex Staropoli – Keyboards
Roberto De Micheli – Guitars
Alessandro Sala – Bass
Paolo Marchesich – Drums


AFM Records