FEATURED SINGLE: Time Primer – The Soucriant

Founded in 2018, the Finnish progressive metal newcomer TIME PRIMER recently released a new single called "The Soucriant" on 29 March 2019. The song is the opening track on their EP "Obstinate" which the band released earlier this year. “The Soucriant” takes one to the core of desires and addiction and moments of witnessing the loss of self-control. When all else is lost, the human mind bends over and over again to attain its momentary bliss, followed by a black hole always deeper than the last one. There are a couple of bands that come across one's mind when thinking about progressive metal, one of the names you would undoubtedly come up be, would be DREAM THEATER, a band with a reputation of being overly technical. The genre since then has quite evolved a bit, from MESHUGGAH to PERIPHERY to AYREON, they all have that fragment of complexity in common, being it with wicked time signature changes, or just overly complex pieces of music that are hard to process. "The Soucriant" sure fits that description. The song is surprisingly easy to the ear and moreover has a lot of beautiful, and catchy melodies that every prog lover might love. Fans of HAKEN, LEPROUS, and DREAM THEATER will certainly love the song, which is filled with twists and turns. Like prog songs then to do, "The Soucriant" doesn't follow most metal song structures, and even has a groovy bass line, great rhythms, and amazing vocal melodies. In general, if you like prog that leans more to the melodic side, that's not based on the rhythmic side of the guitar riffs, then you will definitely like this song. Count me in as a fan, I'll be keeping a close eye on this band from now on.