FEATURED SINGLE: Noumena – Murtuneet


NOUMENA returned safely from the forest (yes, they are indeed the band pictured on the infamous “Finnish metal bands getting lost in the forest” meme) and worked really hard on their upcoming album, “Anima.” The band recently released a new single, “Murtuneet.” This is why we fell in love with the single.

The track starts with a melodic guitar intro and a melody is played on top of acoustic strumming to which a twin guitar joins in, playing the melody line; melodic, melancholic, beautiful. The whole track is basically built around those three elements. The hauntingly beautiful vocals of Suvi Uura blend in perfectly with the deeper growls of Antti Haapanen, creating in a very captivating atmosphere. Clocking in at over 9 minutes, the song leaves the listener engaged throughout the whole track – a daring choice as a single, but it works.

All-in-all “Murtuneet” is a fantastic melodic death metal track, showcasing the immense talent of the band. The track feels more like a journey, searching through beautiful soundscapes and meaningful lyrics, which will leave no soul untouched.