FEATURED SINGLE: Red Eleven – Handled with Chaos (Musicalypse Archive)


If you’ve kept your eyes and ears open to the Finnish alternative metal scene, you may already be familiar with RED ELEVEN. Lead by frontman and vocalist Toni Kaikkonen, the band also includes names like Teemu Liekkala (guitars & backing vocals), Tero Luukkonen (guitars), Samuli Saari (drums), and Petteri Vaalimaa (bass). Their latest release is the single, “Handled with Chaos” from their upcoming fourth album.

Beginning with an almost spacey synth sound, the song quickly shoots forward as the other instruments come into play, creating a heavy, alternative sound. Kaikkonen‘s deep vocal register is great to create some contrast in the sound, but the best strength comes in when he brings it up a bit, particularly in the powerful, singalong chorus. Some nice solos follow this as well. In fact, the whole song is a fairly strong blend of catchy, fun, pure hard rock. The accompanying video is made up of footage from some of their live gigs, showing how much fun these guys are to watch on stage.

Kaikkonen says of the song, “The lyrics were born as if by themselves, as I listened to the original demo of the song and pondered the vocal melodies. The upcoming album has a lot of nuances from the eighties, especially in terms of sound, so of course some of the lyrics on the album also dive into moods inspired by old horror and action movie classics. “Handled with Chaos,” which got its idea from the movies of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, among others, is one of those songs.”

Red Eleven is planning to release their fourth studio album soon. Stay tuned on all the usual channels for more info!

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2020
OV: 237



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