SONG OF THE DAY: Dynazty – This Is My Life


While “This Is My Life” may not be the first (or even tenth) song that comes to mind when thinking of DYNAZTY, it is still an important part of their discography and history. Included as a bonus track on the Scandinavian version of band’s sophomore album, “Knock You Down,” this metal cover of Anna Bergendahl’s track is just as emotional and fragile as the original. The record, released through StormVox Records on April 20th, 2011, reached number 21 on the Swedish Albums Chart.

Photo credit @ Tallee Savage

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: DYNAZTY appeared at Melodifestivalen twice in the career, once in 2011 with “This Is My Life” and then again in 2012 with “Land of Broken Dreams.” To clarify, Melodifestivalen is the annual song competition organized by Sweden’s TV and Radio broadcasters in order to determine the country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact, in 2010 Anna Bergendahl represented Sweden with “This Is My Life” at Eurovision in Oslo, Norway.

The song itself, written by Bobby Ljunggren and Kristian Lagerström, is steeped in melancholy and wistfulness, moods that go very well with the message of the song – a passionate and fervent declaration of intent to live life on one’s own terms. It opens on gentle guitar, percussion, and soft vocals as Nils Molin’s natural, deep, and rich vibrato and heartfelt delivery drench every line in emotion and passion. There’s a build-up in intensity that explodes after the first chorus in powerful guitar licks and solid drums that develop and provide a steady yet subdued rhythm for the second verse. The vocals soar and seem to dance atop the music, while bringing the lyrics to life with gusto and the same dose of emotion and passion as before.

The band joins in for the bridge, their backing vocals creating a beautiful choir effect that adds more depth and texture to the song. This soon gives way to a guitar solo that expands the main melody of the song, while allowing Love Magnusson to show off his skills. The chorus is reprised one final time with the backing vocals almost echoing the lyrics and harmonizing wonderfully with the lead vocals, thus ending the song on a powerful yet somehow serene note.

A true buried treasure among DYNAZTY’s sizeable back catalog, “This Is My Life” is still a song worth revisiting time and time again, if not for the impressive delivery or wistful atmosphere, then at least for the introspective lyrics and the empowering message they carry forth.

Here’s a wonderful performance of this song at ProgPower USA XVIII in September 2017. Enjoy!

Written by Andrea Crow


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