REVIEW: Wishing Well – Do or Die


When it comes to heavy metal, Finnish WISHING WELL may have slipped under your radar. With two albums already released in 2016 and 2018, the band have kept up their every-two-year schedule by releasing third album, “Do Or Die,” on March 13, 2020, via the Inverse Records label. The album was produced and mixed by Henrik Sirelä at Loiste Production Studios in Helsinki. The band had already recorded the last album, “Rat Race,” with the same line-up of singer Rafael Castillo, organist Arto Teppo, bassist Rick Becker, drummer Juha Kivikanto, and guitarist Anssi Korkiakoski who have all stayed on for their most recent release.

“Do Or Die” is very versatile album where metal elements merge with hard rock. The title says it all and is the first song on the record, creating an energetic and very powerful introduction. The vocal range and timbre of singer Rafael Castillo is reminiscent of IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson. On the song “Made of Metal,” the band comes across as very solid, with hard guitar riffs and good use of the organ, which can also be heard as a highlight in “We Shall Never Surrender.” The intro already sounds very promising and the guitar solo is very powerful in combination with the organ. In “Lost in the Night,” the drums and bass are not neglected and make a very rhythmic and danceable song, which can easily be classified as radio-suitable. For those who like it quieter and feel at home with rock ballads, the song “Live and Learn” has a good chance to be a favorite. It also stands out for having been written by bassist Rick Becker. The last song on the album, “Cosmic Ocean,” is a quieter piece. The flute provides a gentle feel that comfortably envelops the listener in a dreamy feeling.

“Do Or Die” hosts a total of twelve songs, which provide variety and some degree of amazement. With this album, WISHING WELL has proven that they are versatile and musically diverse. The musicians have perfect command of their instruments and know exactly what they are doing, as many of the songs are danceable and encourage headbanging. There is a bit of an IRON MAIDEN feeling here, which is pretty much never a bad thing. Definitely give this album a spin, as you may find yourself surprised.

Written by Anna-Lena Horn


  1. Do Or Die 
  2. Made Of Metal 
  3. We Shall Never Surrender 
  4. Sermon On The Mount
  5. Lost In The Night 
  6. Homeless Soul 
  7. Live And Learn 
  8. To Be Or Not To Be 
  9. The Gates Of Hell 
  10. Cosmic Ocean 


Rafael Castillo- Vocalist

Arto Teppo- Organist

Rick Becker- Bassist

Juha Kivikanto- Drummer

Anssi Korkiakoski- Guitar Player


Inverse Records