REVIEW: Weg – EP: 90 Degrees


The band WEG was founded in 2019 by friends Mikko Järvenpää and Antti-Jussi Valkama. This Finnish duo released their debut EP, “90 Degrees,” on June 18, 2020, via Inverse Records. On the same day, the music video for the song of the same name, “90 Degrees,” was also released on YouTube. Read on to learn more about the EP.

“90 Degrees” offers listeners three songs, including “Grandmother,” which goes in the pop direction and an alternate acoustic version of “90 Degrees.” The songs are a mixture of rock sounds paired with pop rhythms, where the instruments are played clearly and sound pure, without much pomp. The acoustic version of “90 Degrees” is a definite highlight thanks to the singer’s soft voice and the piano line that makes the piece so epic. The melodies strongly encourage singing along and are not too complex, which ensures a clear and calm line that runs through the songs. WEG is pleasure for your ears. 

On the whole, this is a successful EP, well-suited for radio play and, especially for listeners who like their music a little quieter and dreamier, WEG is a definite musical recommendation. Friends of the alternative genre will also get their money’s worth here. I’m looking forward to hearing more from the pop-rock duo soon.

Written by Anna-Lena Horn


  1. 90 Degrees
  2. Grandmother
  3. 90 Degrees (Acoustic)


Mikko Järvenpää

Antti-Jussi Valkama


Inverse Records