REVIEW: The Silenced – Orator


Finland is a country known for its many metal acts, they come in all sorts of forms, lineups, and genres. The overabundance makes it hard for any band to stand out when they begin, but sometimes we do find a unique debut album that blows our minds. An example of that is the Helsinki-based groove metal outfit THE SILENCED. The band is releasing its debut album that has the clever paradoxical title “Orator” on 14 February 2020 through Out Of Line Music. If you want to discover more about the band, don’t forget to check out our interview.

The band kicks off with “Resist to Exist,” an infectious track that shows the eclectic nature of this band. An obvious groove metal sound is blended in with melodic death metal and deathcore, reminiscent of bands like MACHINE HEAD. The energetic start continues with “End Machine,” starting with an atmospheric futuristic intro, the opening riffs vaguely reminds me of the melodic death metal act HYPOCRISY, and immediately showcases the wide variety of styles the band has incorporated into their sound. “The Tyranny Of Words” uses a similar pattern, while the faster “Death on the Rise” has a great groove to it, with impressive vocals during the verses and chorus that deliver the story in a very commanding manner. The inseparable duo “Omnigma,” and “Metanoia” break a little bit with the previous intensity on the album. “Omnigma” is an instrumental build-up to “Metanoia,” which is a slower track showing a completely different side of the band, more melodic, less groove, and with a strong focus on the atmosphere followed by a slow-burning guitar solo. “Arguments Of Ignorance” is one of the most aggressive and faster songs on the album, while “Conditioned Thought Patterns” has that kind of mechanical guitar sound that bands like progressive metal act GOJIRA also have used before. “The Semmelweis Reflection” is a song that will drive live audiences crazy in a furious moshpit, I can even imagine this song being the perfect moment to introduce a wall of death as the groovy riffs hit you like a missiles hit their target. The last track of the album “BeyondThePale” is again a bit of a slower track, but gains more power as it progresses, which makes it a beautiful and serene way to end an album filled with furious riffs, curious melodies, and groove.

All-in-all THE SILENCED really captivated me with their debut album. While many of the songs are still rooted in that typical Finnish melancholy, the unique blend of groove metal, deathcore, and melodic death metal make this a band that truly stands out in a country where there are more metal bands than beams of sunlight. The album has a certain diversity that is tied together by atmospheric elements making “Orator” flow as if it’s a story that’s being told about an apocalyptic future.

Written by Laureline Tilkin


  1. Resist to Exist
  2. End Machine
  3. The Tyranny of Words
  4. Death on the Rise
  5. Omnigma
  6. Metanoia
  7. Arguments of Ignorance
  8. Conditioned Thought Patterns
  9. The Semmelweis Reflex
  10. BeyondThePale


Juha Immonen – Vocals
Janne Jaakkola – Guitars
Tomi Koivunen – Bass
Janne Virtala – Guitars
Joonas Osara – Drums


Out Of Line Music


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