Interview with The Silenced – “We wrote the music we like.”


On 14 February, THE SILENCED are releasing their debut album “Orator” through Out Of Line Music. We had the opportunity to discuss everything related to the upcoming full-length record with frontman Juha Immonen and guitarist Janne Jaakkola. Watch the entire interview here.

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  1. […] Finland is a country known for its many metal acts, they come in all sorts of forms, lineups, and genres. The overabundance makes it hard for any band to stand out when they begin, but sometimes we do find a unique debut album that blows our minds. An example of that is the Helsinki-based groove metal outfit THE SILENCED. The band is releasing its debut album that has the clever paradoxical title “Orator” on 14 February 2020 through Out Of Line Music. If you want to discover more about the band, don’t forget to check out our interview. […]