REVIEW: Sonus Corona – Time is Not on Your Side


Formed in 2011 in Turku, the progressive metal act SONUS CORONA released their sophomore album “Time is Not on Your Side” in November 2019 through Inverse Records.

The opener “Induction,” starts off with an atmospheric intro, which softly melts into the actual song. The track immediately shows the potential that the band has developed throughout this release and proves to have a sound that treads closely to DREAM THEATER‘s waters, but overall tends to be a bit more atmospheric in nature and also includes some very dark jazzy elements once in a while. The album is full of surprises, something which is clear in songs like “Unreal,” which also includes a violin and an incredibly badass jazz section. The most interesting song on the album is perhaps “Swing of Sanity,” which indeed starts off with a rhythm section you want to swing to and keeps close to the jazzy progressions the band has introduced in their sound, not very common in a metal release. That the album is a variety of complex songs is clear with “Oblivion,” which has a bit more of a traditional progressive metal sound with heavy riffs. The ballad, “Illusions,” shows a more emotional side of the band, which is a welcome change of pace. The final track of the album, “Here,” has a hauntingly beautiful atmospheric soundscape that sets the mood. With a female vocalist featured, the band has managed to end the album on a high note.

SONUS CORONA have managed to create an excellent sophomore album that often surprised me due to its unique combination of genres and styles. With its peculiar chord progressions and bolt choices, “Time is Not on Your Side” will surely surprise many progressive rock and metal fans alike.


1. Induction
2. Unreal
3. The Refuge
4. Swing Of Sanity
5. Oblivion
6. Time Is Not On Your Side
7. Illusions
8. Moment Of Reckoning
9. To The Ground
10. Fading
11. Here


Ari Lempinen – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Harri Annala – Guitar
Miika Erkkilä – Bass
Rasmus Raassina – Drums
Esa Lempinen – Keys
Timo Mustonen – Vocals


Inverse Records