REVIEW: I Am Your God – SINister


The city of Rovaniemi is not just home to Santa Claus and his busy workshop, but also to Finnish up-and-coming metalcore/melodic death metal band, I AM YOUR GOD. The quintet released their debut album, “The Resurrection,” in October 2020, only 2 months after signing a deal with German record label Out of Line Music. A couple of singles later, the band is eager to release their sophomore studio effort, titled “SINister,” on May 5th, 2023, again through Out of Line Music.

I was fairly impressed by I AM YOUR GOD’s previous effort, so when the opportunity to review new material from them presented itself, I jumped on it, curious to see what they have been up to… musically speaking. Spoiler alert, but “SINister” does not disappoint in the least, as the band has built upon the strong foundation laid by “The Resurrection,” while also growing quite confident in their musical skills. In between catchy choruses, anthemic melodies, punchy riffs, and headbanging rhythms, their songwriting feels tighter, with more emphasis on big melodies that increase the enjoyment factor with every spin. Even if it feels like a discriminatory thing to do, considering how tight-knit the band is on this record, I want to start by singling out vocalist Julius Vetämäjärvi, as his smooth transitions between different vocal styles add so much depth and nuance to the music, always keeping things interesting. I really like the sparse moments when his clean vocals are layered so as to create a choir effect, contrasting with what had come before or what would come after.

However, there is so much more to unpack here than just the vocals. Matti Hietala and Joonas Erkkonen’s guitar work on this album is also noteworthy, playing a double role. First off, it grounds the music in a heavy and aggressive soundscape, and secondly, it offers so much melody so as to keep the listeners constantly engaged. Atte Autio’s drums also play a huge part in how the sound design of this album comes to life, being both thunderous when they need to be big but also quite pacey at times, adding a sense of momentum to the tracks. Joonas Roivainen’s deep bass lines wonderfully underpin the main melodies adding layers of darkness to the driving grooves. When you put all this together and add dynamic songwriting and technical precision to the mix, you get a very bombastic sound bursting through your speakers (or headphones). As such, each song is like a shot of adrenaline, energetic and lively – it’s impossible to keep still while listening to this album, as there’s always a rhythm you can follow to bob your head along to. 

Groove monster “Shotgun” is a very good example of their neat sense of melody and the vocal work I mentioned earlier, though it is the most straightforward song of the bunch. “Dead Standing Tree” has a bit more meat on its bones, so to say, being as melodic and groovy as it is heavy and aggressive, with a sweeping vocal melody moving it forward and some guitar flourishes that add texture to the fold. In the same vein, “My Venom” is relentless in its drum and guitar work but the vocals provide enough diversity and aural interest by going back and forth between intense screams in the verses and soothing cleans in the chorus. “Another Day to Die” follows a similar formula but with a more preeminent bass line, blast-beats, and some gutturals for extra heaviness, as the chugging guitar melody and high-octane chorus steal the spotlight, making for an interesting mix of melodeath with metalcore elements.

Elsewhere in the album, both opener “Warriors” and “Jailbreak” have solid melodies at their core, wonderfully emphasized by the thundering drums and razor-sharp guitars, while the vocals feel ruthless in their attack, as Julius Vetämäjärvi rarely stops for a breath. However, it is the trio of songs that closes this album that are among the most melodic, with these melodies coming either from the guitar work or the vocal work. Take, for instance, a track like “Clash of Beggars” where the guitars seem to be doing two different things – there’s a riff that constantly pops up, adding layers of harmony on top of a steady lead melody. The drum work is also very energetic, at times being quite loud, while at others providing a steady pounding in the background. On the other hand, songs like “The Warden” and “Fulfill My Chalice” showcase Julius Vetämäjärvi’s versatility, his vocal work being not just the focal point but also the main drive of the music.

By being creative and bold with their music, I AM YOUR GOD have crafted an album that is quite outstanding in its display of musicianship and intensity. They have checked the necessary boxes of harsh vocals, aggressive riffs, and crushing beats so as to appeal to melodeath fans while also making sure that the ten tracks (and the bonus track) are as complex as they are individual and heavy. The music flows at a brisk pace, leaving no room for monotony, as there is always something going on, which is good for the album’s steady momentum. There’s a sense of consistency in the songwriting department, but they have added enough diversity and dynamic shifts to place “SINister” a step or two above their debut. Easily recommended to fans of CHILDREN OF BODOM or early IN FLAMES.

Written by Andrea Crow


1. Warriors
2. My Venom
3. Jailbreak
4. Burden Of Blasphemy
5. Shotgun
6. Dead Standing Tree
7. Another Day To Die
8. The Warden
9. Clash Of Beggars
10. Fulfill My Chalice
11. The Hell I Create (bonus track)


  • Julius Vetämäjärvi – Vocals
  • Matti Hietala – Guitars
  • Joonas Erkkonen – Guitars
  • Joonas Roivainen – Bass
  • Atte Autio – Drums


Out of Line Music


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