REVIEW: Hällas – Conundrum


HÄLLAS is a Swedish progressive rock act. While the band was founded in 2011, we’re pretty confident the band has somewhat teleported themselves from the past into the future… We’re here to tell you why!

HÄLLAS released their third album “Conundrum” on 31 January 2020, the release itself somehow slipped through the cracks of our system, and thus we didn’t have the chance to review the album. However, the band is playing a show at Tavastia in Helsinki on 4 March 2020, and I was somewhat intrigued by the description of the band, enough to make me check out their music, thus we explored all territories of “Conundrum.”

Let me start off by saying that when I grew up, I was practically forced to listen to bands like YES, WISHBONE ASH, ASIA, and other progressive rock acts from the seventies. Most of these bands have formed my taste in music, and are up-to-date still of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately for me, bands from the seventies, are most likely not to stick around forever, so getting introduced to HÄLLAS was a very welcome surprise and a much-needed discovery!

“Conundrum” is a solid slab of progressive rock, that represents its history, but also encompasses modern elements. If you like those twin guitar harmonies that WISHBONE ASH once introduced, combined with organs, synths, and brilliant vocals from Tommy Alexandersson (who reminds me of a sweet mixture between WISHBONE ASH‘s Andy Powell, and John Wetton of ASIA), you will definitely like “Conundrum.” The band has managed to sculpt a sound that is not only nostalgic but in modern times refreshing to hear. Capturing the zeitgeist of seventies progressive rock, HÄLLAS has managed to somehow transport me back in time to the early days of the subgenre. Those who want to see the band perform their oeuvre live can find them in Finland next week, having a stop in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, and Jyväskylä. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!


  1. Ascension
  2. Beyond Night and Day
  3. Strider
  4. Tear of a Traitor
  5. Carry On
  6. Labyrinth of Distant Echoes
  7. Blinded by the Emerald Mist
  8. Fading Hero


Tommy Alexandersson
Alexander Moraitis
Kasper Eriksson
Marcus Pettersson
Nicklas Malmqvist


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