REVIEW: Wishbone Ash – Coat Of Arms


Fifty years ago, WISHBONE ASH first caught attention with the release of their debut album “Wishbone Ash.” Ever since, the band has been a huge influence on many bands up-to-date, with their trademark twin-guitar sound, they have influenced bands like IRON MAIDEN. They are one of the few bands that still continue to release outstanding albums, of which “Coat Of Arms” again is proof. The new album will be released on 28 February 2020 through Steamhammer/SPV Records.

“Coat Of Arms” has plenty to offer for WISHBONE ASH fans, while some of their latest records had a distinct blues sound to it, the band goes back to their classic rock, progressive rock sound, which is prominent in several of the tracks. With only Andy Powell as an original member of the band and a new face in the band with guitarist Mark Abrahams, the band has managed to create an enjoyable album that has plenty of good to offer.

The energetic opening track “We Stand As One,” is definitely one of the highlights of the album, and while it doesn’t include those psychedelic progressive moments that we all have come to love, it’s dynamic and serves as a great contemporary rock song, proving that the band still managed to write refreshing songs that won’t get old easily. You can find traces of former glory in songs like the title track “Coat Of Arms,” which has some great melodic riffs and will definitely be a great addition to their setlist. Those who know WISHBONE ASH, understand that the most dominant element in their sound is probably their guitars, there are a lot of great guitar moments on this album, with a wink to the past, such as “Empty Man,” and “Consider Me Now.” The bluesy “It’s Only You I See,” is perhaps a more mellow track, but also stands out with its melodies, and captivating instrumental moments.

All-in-all the album contains plenty of great moments, however, if you were expecting another “Argus,” you might be a little bit disappointed. “Coat Of Arms,” however, is proof that after 50 years WISHBONE ASH still respect their own roots, and have stayed true to their style for years, while still embracing modern times.

Article written by Laureline Tilkin


  1. We Stand As One
  2. Coat Of Arms
  3. Empty Man
  4. Floreana
  5. Drive
  6. It’s Only You I See
  7. Too Cool For AC
  8. Back In The Day
  9. Consider Me Now
  10. When The Love Is Shared
  11. Personal Halloween


Andy Powell – Vocals/Guitars
Bob Skeat – Bass
Joe Crabtree – Drums
Mark Abrahams – Guitars


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