REVIEW: Corrosium – EP: Undertow


With a style that is best described by the term “bombastic metal,” Finnish band CORROSIUM have released their latest EP, titled “Undertow,” on December 4th, 2020, via Inverse Records. This EP is the follow-up to their 2017 debut, “Butterfly Effect.” “Undertow” sees the band developing not just their sound but also creating more elevated compositions.

 If you are wondering what “bombastic metal” sounds like, this EP is a good place to start discovering what this type of metal has to offer. With only four songs on its track list and clocking in at about 17 minutes, it is also pretty easy, if not also enjoyable, to listen to it. Heavy metal gets an update as electronic soundscapes make the songs feel bigger in scope and add to the modern feel of the music. As such, the first song off of this EP, “Bleeding Starlight,” opens up on spacy, atmospheric synths that soon merge with guitars for a fuller sound. The big and hooky chorus is made even more memorable by the synth accents that pair well with the melody. Interestingly enough, the guitars don’t dominate as much throughout the song, being relegated to the background. Nonetheless, the vocals do a great job balancing the music.

Things get more serious with “The Day We Fall” as the guitars are more present and have more bite to them. The riffs are heavier, which in turn make the chorus feel grander and darker. To make the track more dynamic, the verses are somewhat sedate and lighter. There’s also a nice guitar solo before the chorus is repeated for the last time, closing the song on a powerful note. The title track brings back the spacy synths while still retaining the gritty guitars, and this combination makes the song really feel bombastic. The melodic chorus is great and stays in the mind. Closing track “I Remain” is also the best offering on this EP. It is far heavier than the previous tracks and the harsh vocals work well with the powerful instrumental parts, making the song feel more robust. On top of that, the guitars add melody to the fold and the synths are just there to ornate the music – a wonderful way of wrapping up the EP.

All-in-all, CORROSIUM offers good melodic metal with a dash of bombast that is pleasing to the ear. Singer Teppo Tirkkonen has a good voice and its nuances are well-used to give the songs texture, while the rest of the band members are proficient with their respective instruments. Boasting nice arrangements, a good production value, simple yet hefty songs, and a great sense of melody, “Undertow” shows potential for greatness.

Written by Andrea Crow


1. Bleeding Starlight
2. The Day We Fall
3. Undertow
4. I Remain


Teppo Tirkkonen – Vocals
Joonas Löytönen – Guitar
Pasi Juhantalo – Guitar
Olli Laine – Drums
Juha Soini – Bass


Inverse Records


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