The second video of Finnish melodic death metal project SHADE OF SORROW is out now


Finnish melodic death solo project SHADE OF SORROW sees daylight with their second video! A new rising force in the mighty Finnish metal scene, SHADE OF SORROW have now released a follow-up to the debut single, “No Return.” The newly-released second single, “Fabricated Hope,” combines the rawness of the Nordic nature into the beauty of the melancholy that is in the DNA of the Finnish people.

The music video underlines the warrior and DIY mentality of the creator Mika Juhani Kankainen. Physical and mental strength powered by determination and talent. The newly released single can be viewed on YouTube and heard on all digital streaming platforms. The music video for the song was produced by Tuomas Saukkonen (WOLFHEART, BEFORE THE DAWN, etc.).

The song was recorded by Esa Uusimaa with vocals produced by Juha Kylmänen of Whiteleaf Studios. Mix and mastering by Esa Uusimaa

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