REVIEW: Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend


BLOODRED HOURGLASS is back. Since the release of their debut album “Lifebound” in 2012, the band has been going straight forward, resulting in now finally releasing their fourth full-length studio album “Godsend”, which is perhaps up-to-date the best work of the melodic death metal act from Mikkeli.

The band kicks in with “Waves of Black”, which turns out to be an instant classic BLOODRED HOURGLASS song. Its powerful and catchy hooks, provide a dynamic opening song that since its inception, is a song that I’ve been listening to on a regular basis. In fact, it’s hard to think it away from my daily playlists. The instant feeling I had when the main riff started, was something along the lines of, well… Yeah… I’m going to hit repeat, and I did, for about 10 times. What a great song! Catchy, dark, grim and surprisingly uplifting at the same time. It feels lighter than a lot of the older material, but at the same time, it’s a very heavy song including groovy verses, a catchy chorus, and outstanding lyrics.

This feeling definitely continues throughout the whole album, there are a couple of elements that make this album a bit different from the rest of the band’s repertoire, eg. songs are heavier, faster, and perhaps even groovier. But one thing remains the same: the catchy, sometimes even slightly poppy melodies in the choruses that make this band so fantastic at what the do. “The Unfinished Story” is a perfect example of that. “My Route” incorporates also some synths in the sound to give it a little bit more depth, the song thus has a great intro, before it goes totally insane. “White Feather” is perhaps one of the most epic songs that BLOODRED HOURGLASS has ever done, and therefore fits perfectly as closer to the album.

The production of this album is ver crisp, clear and well-balanced out. Up-to-date this might be the band’s best-produced album. All the musicians shine equally and show us their worth throughout the album. Whether it’s the thunderous drums, or the groovy riffs, or vocalists Jarkko Koukonen’s growl. Everything in this album fits like a glove.

With “Godsend”, BLOODRED HOURGLASS has refined and matured their sound. With a beautifully produced album, the band can be definitely recommended to any fan of melodic death metal, especially those who love Finnish metal and its melancholy.


  1. Waves of Black
  2. The Unifinished Story
  3. Devourer
  4. Alysia
  5. My Route
  6. Pieces
  7. Ask _ You Shall Receive
  8. August
  9. On My Throne
  10. White Feather


Jarkko Koukonen – vocals
Antti Nenonen – lead guitar
Jose Moilanen – bass
Lauri Silvonen – guitars
Jarkko Hyvönen – drums