REVIEW: Blind Channel – Violent Pop


Oulu-based violent pop act BLIND CHANNEL released their third album “Violent Pop” on 6 March 2020 through Ranka Kustannus. The band is most likely one of Finland’s most promising metal export acts, and we’re here to tell you why “Violent Pop” is proof of that.

The album starts with “Gun,” which follows their tradition of opening the album with a track that is fueled with as much as bouncy beats as aggression. The energetic opener is a great reminder of how talented the band is, and if this is not your cup of tea, perhaps the second track of the album, and also the catchy lead single, “Over My Dead Body” will do the trick.

“Died Enough For You” starts with an intriguing rhythmic intro, and continues in a minimalistic way until the chorus lets the song explode. Even though perhaps lyrically I can’t really connect with the song, its structure, and the song itself is a great addition and offers a nice break in the pattern.

“Fever” perhaps is not really my cup of tea, but it includes a powerful chorus that I’m sure a lot of people can connect to. “Timebomb” features Alex Mattson and is perhaps one of the more energetic tracks on this album. The album continues with another strong contender, “Snake,” that features GG6 of AMARANTHE. It’s extremely catchy, filled with angst, and has some great twists in store for us, including a catchy chorus you’ll be singing along to instantly.

“One Of Us” definitely starts off in a way that stands out, with choir-like vocals, that re-emerges often in the song. The eerie atmosphere that is created definitely stands out from the other tracks, and as a result “One Of Us” perhaps is one of the most progressive tracks, and easily the best track on “Violent Pop.” 

“Enemies With Benefits” starts off slower, and includes a clever soundscape that really lifts up the song to a higher level. The tempo picks up again with “Love Of Mine,” which is a pretty standard BLIND CHANNEL song, that follows the same patterns of most of the songs on the record. “Feel Nothing” slows down the record again with its melancholic melodies, when you’d think the album would pick up in energy, you’re wrong.

The album closes with “Lanterns,” which is a little bit more hip-hop oriented than the rest of the tracks, and probably has the strongest rap verses of the whole album. This by far is the most melancholic track, and somehow it works well as a last song. The only complaint I have about “Lanterns” is that it ends in an abrupt manner, there’s a whole buildup to which I expected an epic finale, but somehow the sudden end left me confused.

Altogether “Violent Pop” contains 11 strong tracks. The album, however, is surprisingly short in run time, considering most of the songs last about 3 minutes. It contains catchy songs like “Over My Dead Body” and “Snake,” but also plenty of surprises like “One Of Us,” and cleverly written tracks like “Enemies With Benefits.” “Violent Pop” is definitely proof that BLIND CHANNEL is one of the strongest modern acts in their genre, with plenty of rapping, aggression, and twists and turns. If you need a nice bomb of energy to start off your day, this definitely is the best album to listen to, as it will get you on your feet instantly.

Article by Laureline Tilkin


1. Gun
2. Over My Dead Body
3. Died Enough for You
4. Fever
5. Timebomb (feat. Alex Mattson)
6. Snake (feat. GG6)
7. One of Us
8. Enemies with Benefits
9. Love of Mine
10. Feel Nothing
11. Lanterns


Joel Hokka – Vocals & Guitar
Niko Moilanen – Vocals
Joonas Porko – Guitar
Olli Matela – Bass
Tommi Lalli – Drums


Ranka Kustannus / Out Of Line


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