Interview with CYHRA about “No Halos In Hell”


After our legendary episode of what did we eat today with CYHRA, where we discussed the writing process behind “No Halos In Hell”, we decided it was time to investigate even more about the album. We met up with vocalist Jake E right before his show at Ääniwalli and discussed everything related to “No Halos In Hell”. The new album will be out on 15 November 2019 through Nuclear Blast. Watch the video interview here.


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  1. […] The album starts with the energetic first single “Out Of My Life”, a classic example of what this band has managed to do with the first album around. “Out Of My Life” has an excellent chorus and outstanding melodies. The album continues with the slightly heavier “No Halos In Hell”. Again, the band manages to come up with some catchy melodies and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for a long time after listening to it. “Battle From Within”, is a song that grew on me, due to its back story. The song is not only dedicated to Jake E‘s late brother Fredrik but should become a worldwide symbol of hope for everyone suffering from depression. “Battle From Within”, in general, is a beautifully melodic song, displaying important issues related to real-life experiences. The important thing to remember from the song is not only that there always is hope, that you are not alone, you are loved and you matter, and moreover that music like this has a definite healing power (which is also something we discussed during our latest interview with CYHRA). […]