5.10.2019 Block Buster @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


It’s been a couple of years, since I had seen BLOCK BUSTER live, the Finnish hard rock act was the support act for SANTA CRUZ back in 2017, and impressed me back then with their groovy rock music. The band has recently released their debut album “Losing Gravity”, which we had the pleasure of reviewing a while back, after which we also got to know a little bit more about the process of making the album due to our interview. It was time now to see those songs translated to the stage, and the perfect opportunity arose when the band was scheduled to play at On The Rocks in Helsinki on 5 October 2019.

When I came in, around 21:50 the venue looked surprisingly empty, I was worried that due to several other events people weren’t able to make it to the show. However, as soon as the guys entered the stage – a bit later than scheduled – the floor filled up pretty neatly. The intro track felt like the setting to a French romantic comedy, which a couple understood as they started slow dancing to the track, soon it transitioned into an electronic track that could have been the intro to an 80s sci-fi movie like Tron, after which the band started with a heavy “Gone by the Morning”.

Since it was a release party of their recent album “Losing Gravity”, the band dedicated the night to play a lot of songs fro the album. When we had a talk with drummer Jaakko Metsäpelto about what we can expect from their live shows he said we can expect an energetic performance and good times. The band treats every show like it’s their last one, and it doesn’t matter if they play for 3 or 30,000 people, they will deliver and entertain people. That is precisely what the band did yesterday, they played a very dynamic and tight show, that sounded even heavier than the songs on their studio album. Especially songs like “Moving”, “Losing Gravity” and “Out In The City” sounded outstanding in their live rendition.

Energetic, loud, sweaty and crushing rock ‘n’ roll, if that is how you like your live shows to be, then I would definitely recommend checking out BLOCK BUSTER when they hit your town, and if they’re not ask your local promoter to invite them to your local club! The band truly delivers, doesn’t disappoint and most likely will have a bright future with lots of tours and concerts in front of them!


  1. Gone by the Morning
  2. Flammable
  3. Move
  4. Back From the Shadows
  5. Bulletproof
  6. Somebody to Shock Me
  7. Walking Like a Dog
  8. Losing Gravity
  9. Sweet Mary Jane
  10. Out in the City
  11. Would You Do It Again

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