Featured single: Thy Row – Hidebound


Welcome to a new thread in Tuonela Magazine, which is called “Featured Single”. Featured single will highlight the coolest singles the local scene of Finland has to offer and compliments our recently composed playlist in Spotify!
Over the years Heavy Metal has developed its own brand of legend, brutality and a power and attitude you can not find in any other music genres. Musicians have come and gone and have inspired us, we have tattoos their logos on our body, we have bought their T-shirts at their shows and their albums are still proudly flaunting on our shelves. Now that the first generation of those Heavy Metal bands is getting old, there is getting more room, time and opportunity for new bands to do the trick and steal the show. In the last years the Finnish local metal scene has offered everyone a wide variety of these bands and many of them serve as prove that pure Rock ‘n’ Roll is not as dead as widely assumed.
Proof of that is newcomers to the scene Thy Row. Last week Thy Row surprised us with their first single “Hidebound”, featuring Ilja Jalkanen (ex-Kiuas) and Ben Varon (ex-Amoral, Oceanhoarse). After adding the new single to the Support your local band (Suomi) playlist and having listened to it a couple of times, I felt like talking a bit about the song. “Hidebound” opens up with a contagiously heavy guitar riff and “Listen To Me”, grabbing your attention immediately. And that’s only the beginning, as the song continues we are exposed to a great compelling solo by Ben Varon, strong and powerful vocals, explosive riffs and an extremely catchy chorus. Everyone knows that all of those ingredients combine usually a recipe for success. For a first single of a upcoming band, the song is not only super catchy, the production is surprisingly great.
So if you haven’t heard the new buzz in town yet, I suggest you take a listen to “Hidebound”, it will leave you craving for more.