REVIEW: Mournful Lines – Versatility


Mournful Lines, from Oulu, was founded in 2013. They have been around for quite a while. Their music can be seen as melancholic metal, without being afraid of mixing other genres into their sound. Mournful Lines is back with their second full-length album “Versatility.”


Musically the band can be placed in melodic goth metal or rock, they incorporate poppy ’80s melodies in their style, reminding me a little bit of symphonic rock band Autumn. The band has two excellent vocalists Markus Jussila and Emma Kunelius, whose voices sound perfectly together.
In general the album is very well produced, all sounds come out evenly and neatly. Considering this is only their second full-length album, I’d say the production is really top-notch when comparing to some other bands on the same level as Mournful Lines. Versatility as a whole is a good sign that the band has a lot of potential and that they have managed to create their own style within the spectrum of gothic rock/metal. The album is very melancholic, melodic, atmospheric and has that nice little tough of romanticism. The vocals especially create a beautiful atmosphere. There’s definitely good ideas in there for the songs, pleasant melodies and very good vocal parts, they take the band further and they’re definitely on the right track. Some personal highlights are “Out of Reach,” “Mournful Lines,” and “Souls Entwined.”
If you like melancholic, melodic goth metal, than this is the right band for you to discover. I have recently reviewed some goth metal/rock acts and this band fits right into the picture. If they continue down the same line, and work hard towards their goal, this band will release some great albums to look out for in the future.  


1. Fallen Out
2. Rain
3. I Bleed For You
4. Treason
5. Mournful Lines
6. See Through
7. Envy
8. Out of Reach
9. Souls Entwined


Markus Jussila – guitar, vocals
Matti Halonen – keyboards
Emma Kunelius – vocals
Heikki Ilvesviita – bass, growls
Kimmo Ritapuu – drums
Juha Tervo – lead guitar