FEATURED SINGLE: Oceanhoarse – The Damage (Live)


Finnish heavy metal quartet OCEANHOARSE are soon to release their debut album and have now released a first taste of the album in the form of their latest single, “The Damage (Live).” Don’t forget to check out our Spotify playlist, to which we have added this single, as well as other talented songs from Finnish metal bands alike.

Starting with a melodic riff by guitar virtuoso Ben Varon, the song starts in a soft manner, accompanied by pounding drums and an impressive vocal performance by Joonas Kosonen, the song gains more and more strength as it progresses. With an IRON MAIDEN-like bridge, the powerful and catchy chorus is an excellent example of how OCEANHOARSE write straight-forward heavy metal without any gimmicks. The fact that their debut album is immediately their debut live record allows the listener to enjoy the true nature of the beast.