FEATURED SINGLE: Mercury Circle – You Open Up the Earth


We told you this before, but if there’s one band you should look out for in 2021, it’s the new metal band from Helsinki, MERCURY CIRCLE. Formed by some familiar faces from the metal scene, ranging from SWALLOW THE SUN and SLEEPING MONSTERS to CHILDREN OF BODOM, these guys released an excellent debut EP last year. What’s better than an EP? You’ve got it, a full-length album and coincidentally MERCURY CIRCLE is going to release one later this year, but not before they give us some sneak peeks, this time in the form of the lead single, “You Open Up the Earth.”

“You Open Up the Earth” is again a hauntingly beautiful song, a sentiment that so far most of MERCURY CIRCLE‘s songs share. These songs are all interconnected by an incredible atmosphere that can evoke deep emotions with the listener. There is something about this song that gives you a warm and safe feeling, perhaps it’s the overall warm tones of the string instruments or the relatable lyrics. While the overall mood and lyrics are dark and heavy, Jaani Peuhu‘s contrasting light vocals, give this song an ethereal depth that make this band so unique in what they do. The five-piece masterfully combine heavy, dark, and melodic elements with larger-than-life choruses and it’s not different in this song. We’re looking forward to the rest of the singles and upcoming album later this year!

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