FEATURED SINGLE: Mercury Circle – The Beauty of Agony


MERCURY CIRCLE is a brand new project by Jaani Peuhu, known for ICONOCRASH and SWALLOW THE SUN. The band is releasing an EP, “The Dawn of Vitriol” through Noble Demon and The Vinyl Division on 14 August 2020 and recently released the first taste with single “The Beauty of Agony.”

Due to the lack of an already existing genre, MERCURY CIRCLE has been labeled as “new doom” – dark metal infused with powerful synth/electro waves and doom metal. While initially reading the press release, I didn’t really know what to expect of “new doom” as a genre; however, with the release of “The Beauty in Agony,” I realized that the mixture of different music styles has truly created a brand new, refreshing subgenre of doom metal that is a definite breath of fresh air in the otherwise heavy, guitar-driven, slow-burning songs.

“The Beauty in Agony” is an incredible mixture of heaviness, mystical atmospheres, incredible instrumentation, and hauntingly beautiful vocals. The song plays around with both rich, layered soundscapes and the simplicity of minimalism. “The Dawn of Vitriol” is already a highly anticipated release on my list and I can’t wait to hear more material!

Written by Laureline Tilkin