FEATURED SINGLE: Leverage – Wind of Morrigan

This time our featured single goes out to a true Finnish classic metal band. After a hiatus and the recent release of an exceptional EP, LEVERAGE are back for more with the release of a new album "Determinus". The band released their single "Wind of Morrigan" in support of their upcoming album. There are two things remarkable about this song. One being the folk melody line that has been woven in the song from the beginning up until the end. Aside from that melody, the song has a very clear KANSAS-vibe to it (think of "Carry On Wayward Son"), especially when it comes to the vocal delivery of Kimmo Blom. Both elements, however, are given a modern touch, drenched in that typical LEVERAGE sound. Talking about the vocals, Kimmo Blom's work is truly exceptional, especially when the song comes to an end in the reprise bridge leading into an explosive chorus one more time. The combination of that folk melody, with the singing makes that the song has infectious melodies and a lot of power with a lot of hooks.