FEATURED SINGLE: Let it All Burn – Closure Will Prevail


Have you ever had one of those moments when a song appears in your life in a way that’s so on-the-nose that it feels like the universe dropped an incredible gift on your doorstep? For that is exactly what happened to me upon the discovery of the song “Closure Will Prevail” by LET IT ALL BURN, which was released on February 17th, 2023, and I personally discovered a literal day or two after I received closure for the worst thing that ever happened to me. This track is the debut single (instrumental teasers not included) from this new act, who will hopefully be releasing some more music sooner rather than later!

Considering how much music is written about mental health these days, it occurred to me how surprising it is that I haven’t come across a song that is outright about getting closure in all of my metalcore (or other genre) deep-dives. One way or the other, this new darkwave metal band really drives it home with this energetic new track about casting someone toxic out of your life.

“Turn away / your time is almost over / and closure will prevail / you are my last disorder / you are thrown away…”

Vocalist Lauri Hämäläinen was familiar to us both as someone we see nearly every time we swing by Sonic Pump Studios, but also for his time in IKINÄ (he even participated in BandFit* back in the day with Musicalypse), so it was really interesting to see what he’s up to now, especially considering that we knew him as a guitarist in IKINÄ, not a singer. There is a lot of stylistic distortion on the vocals and he does an excellent job; you can really sense that he is feeling the words as he lets loose.

“You are the dirt underneath my nails / you are the reason that all this fails / I know the lies that you’ve spoken / you are the reason we’re broken…”

While it took me a couple spins to really get into this song, now that I’m in, I can’t get out. It’s all I want to listen to. The slow and dark electronic intro was apparently inspired by a Clint Eastwood movie, though the overall feel is nothing remotely western like you’d expect, boasting such an influence. The energy is pretty high, with a rough, gritty sound despite the strong electronic influences, which often leads to overly-polished production. This roughness really adds to the overall song texture in an excellent way. The song builds up really well, getting to a screaming part that’s very cathartic, with brutal lyrics that I can only understand half of but the feeling fully comes through, regardless of whether you can catch every word of it. Balanced out by a strong low-end and relentless guitars, this song might be just what the doctor ordered to help you get over something awful that’s happened.

“Motherfucker I will not forget it / doesn’t matter how much you regret it / there’s nothing you can do to repair it…”

There’s no shortage of songs about mental health and how to take care of ourselves these days, yet songs about finding closure seem to be a little fewer and further between. LET IT ALL BURN‘s debut effort completely knocks it out of the park with its energy, but even more so with its brutal and unforgiving lyrics. I, for one, am already eager to get my hands on some physical material so I can read the words in full! More, please, and soon!

Written by Bear Wiseman
*we’re planning to start up BandFit again this summer, so stay tuned!