FEATURED SINGLE: Cantilena – Untouchables


Founded in 2010, the four-piece Estonian thrash metal act CANTILENA recently released a new single named “Untouchables”. The frontman of the band is no other than WINTERSUN‘s guitarist Asim Searah, also known as the singer of DAMNATION PLAN.

The song opens up with an aggressive, racing guitar riff and continues to be a true a moshpit-inducing track. The verses vaguely remind me of METALLICA‘s James Hetfield, with a more unique melodic sound to it. This is a very different side of Asim Searah‘s vocals that I’m used to, and as a thrash metal fanatic, I have to admit that I am utterly impressed by his capabilities. With pounding blast beats accompanying the frantic riffs, the song is definitely a great addition to the thrash metal scene and even includes an outstanding guitar solo. The production of the track has a very nostalgic 80s thrash metal sound, doesn’t sound too overly polished, and balances all the instruments out. So, what are you waiting for? Put on “Untouchables” and start that mosh pit already!