1.11.2019 The 69 Eyes @ Tavastia, Helsinki


The Helsinki Vampires of THE 69 EYES are on tour to not only celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band but also promote their latest album “West End”, released on 13 September 2019 through Nuclear Blast. The band is touring around Europe, and part of the USA, but not before they make a stop at Tavastia in Helsinki for a Halloween Rock Party.

I arrived at Tavastia pretty early, and there were already many people queuing outside. On 28 October, a couple of days before the show, the gig was sold out, so the lengthy queue didn’t really surprise me. As a result, the venue was really crowded and once inside of the club, many people ran to get to the first row immediately after the doors opened at 20:00.

The stage was decorated in theme: pumpkin lanterns covered the stage, making it hard not to feel the Halloween atmosphere all around, even if the guys have left their gothic style behind, for a darker Texan style. THE 69 EYES started with “Two Horns Up”, a track from the new album. The song clearly was one of the most appreciated tracks on the new album. The setlist was a really good mix of both songs from the new album such as “Black Orchid”, “Cheyenna”, and “Hell Has No Mercy” and older ones such as “Never Say Die”, and “Dance D’Amour”, with some classical gems towards the end such as “Brandon Lee”. It was clear to me that everyone surrounding me, including me, was singing to all of the songs The Helsinki Vampires had prepared for us.

THE 69 EYES always have had a pretty static attitude on stage. Their show is thus quite minimal, but this doesn’t mean that the audience can’t lose themselves in the music. To be sure to include everyone in the flow of the evening, even the international faces in the audience, Jyrki spoke for a good part of the gig in English as well.

After 30 years of THE 69 EYES, it’s crystal clear that the band still knows how to rock. With this show, the band managed to deliver a good show, but also a piece of history of Finnish music. All-in-all Tavastia made an excellent choice by hosting The Helsinki Vampires for their Halloween Night, including a night of singing, dancing and continuous excitement created by the perfect selection of songs.

Article and photos by Viviella Constantino


  1. Two Horns Up
  2. Never Say Die
  3. Black Orchid
  4. Perfect Skin
  5. Betty Blue
  6. Borderline
  7. Hell Has No Mercy
  8. Crashing High
  9. Dance D’Amour
  10. Cheyenna
  11. The Chair
  12. Dead Girls Are Easy
  13. Wasting the Dawn
  14. 27 & Done
  15. Framed in Blood


16. Feel Berlin
17. Brandon Lee
18. Lost Boys

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