FEATURED SINGLE: Bloodred Hourglass – Veritas


It feels like yesterday when BLOODRED HOURGLASS released their latest album, Godsend,” which happened to be one of our favorite releases of 2019. Due to the pandemic situation, the band found the time to write new material, which will see the light of day (hopefully) later this year. Luckily for us, the melodic death metal act from Mikkeli have released two songs already, the lastest being “Veritas.”

A band like BLOODRED HOURGLASS has a very distinct and refined sound already, which is exactly why the newest track, “Veritas,” was such a surprise. It doesn’t really digress from their trademark sound; however, there are plenty of elements that made this song stand out. The atmospheric intro soon transitions into one of the fastest riffs BLOODRED HOURGLASS have produced. That’s right, this song is probably one of the faster songs the band has ever written, with some elements from thrash metal, yet it’s combined with the excelling melodic elements the band adds generally to their music, making this a true BLOODRED HOURGLASS song. Oh and let’s not forget to mention that sick guitar solo.

So far, the tracks the six-piece has released are very diverse – if “Drag Me The Rain” is somewhat of a slow burn, “Veritas” is the complete opposite. Needless to say, we are definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks, as at least with these two singles, the band has provided a fantastic start to “Godsend’s” follow-up.

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