What to expect at Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022


Now that the festival season has officially started with Rockfest 2022, it’s time to look at the next festival: Hellsinki Metal Horizons! This brand new festival combines the cool vibes of an outdoor festival with the comfort of the indoors. Hosted at both Ääniwalli and On The Rocks, Hellsinki Metal Horizons takes place on June 10th and June 11th, with a pre-party as early as Thursday, June 9th.

With Finland being a staple in the metal scene, it’s no surprise that often festivals host the same lineup, filled with a lot of similar acts. In other words, if you attend one festival, you’ve seen them all. Thankfully, Hellsinki Metal Horizons have decided to do things differently! If you’re getting a bit sick of the standard Finnish metal bands, this festival provides the answer. Aside from the many international acts that we don’t frequently see at festivals around here (eg. DECAPITATED, VILDHJARTA, and SHINING), the festival offers some Finnish classic acts (KALMAH, MYGRAIN, …AND OCEANS, and THE HIRVI) and on top of that, some up and coming progressive metal acts from Finland (ODDLAND, KEOMA, HUMAVOID, and many more).

To keep the summer festival atmosphere alive, the festival has teamed up with Mex-Man to provide food suitable for most diets, available for sale from their food truck in the Ääniwalli yard, as well as a having CoolHead Brew as their beer sponsor, so you’ll find a lineup of CoolHead beverages available at the bar, at both On the Rocks and Ääniwalli, in addition to the usual drinks. Because of the outstanding weather report, you are allowed to drink any beverages purchased from Ääniwalli, eat from the food truck, and enjoy the indoor/outdoor feel of Metal Horizons from the yard!

Altogether, Hellsinki Metal Horizons offers a stage for many different genres mostly focusing on extreme metal and progressive metal, which makes the festival a varied experience with a little bit of everything for those who like it extra heavy; 22 bands, 3 days, 2 venues, infinite amounts of heavy metal… Are you ready? Here’s the schedule of the event:



19:00 – Venue Doors Open
19:30 – Satan’s Fall
20:15 – Cannibal Accident
21:00 – The Hirvi
22:10 – Exciter



19:45 – Kalmah
21:15 – Vulture Industries
22:45 – Humanity’s Last Breath
00:20 – Shining


19:15 – Omnivortex
20:40 – Oddland
22:00 – Manticora
23:35 – MyGrain

Afterparty 01:20 – Nestruction



19:30 – Assemble the Chariots
20:40 – Celeste
21:55 – Vildhjarta
23:35 – Decapitated


19:00 – Keoma
20:05 – Humavoid
21:20 – Khroma
22:45 – …and Oceans

Afterparty: 00:55 – Talbot