Tuonela Magazine’s Top 5 Finnish albums of 2019


2019 has come to an end. Whether this year has been a great success to you or a complete disaster, it’s undeniable that throughout these 365 days a lot of brilliant music was released. 2019 was one of the biggest years for metal in quite a while with a couple of long-promised new records that we have been looking forward to for years.

Tuonela Magazine‘s staff took a look at all the releases, and each member of the staff choose their favorite ones for each category. Today we’d like to share what the 5 most popular Finnish releases were of those lists.

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5. Beast In Black – From Hell With Love

“From Hell With Love” offers a variety of tracks, where we meet the bests of each of the players. Combining Yannis Papadopoulos‘ diverse vocals, with hooky riffs, and impressive guitar solos, with a more keyboard-driven sound, shows a different side of the band. From Hell With Love has something for everyone in there, and in general, will make you want to wear your mother’s neon jazzercizing clothes from the eighties, and dance all night to the sounds of the guitars. An absolute must listen, A class album, that will definitely hit the charts! (LT)

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4. Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend

With “Godsend”BLOODRED HOURGLASS has refined and matured their sound. With a beautifully produced album, the band can be definitely recommended to any fan of melodic death metal, especially those who love Finnish metal and its melancholy. (LT)

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3. Brymir – Wings Of Fire

“Wings Of Fire” is like a rollercoaster ride, where you hit the peak of the rollercoaster and start dropping so quickly, things inside you start to shift around and it leaves you with a rush of adrenaline. With most of the songs being extremely high on energy, BRYMIR doesn’t shy away from once in a while a subtle clean guitar, folk and even at times symphonic influences. The atmosphere created often feels like it could be part of a movie. Groovy, fast-paced riffs, spiraling guitar melodies, shredding solos, insane rhythm sections (varying from heavy metal rhythms to extreme blast beats), incredible hooks, you name it. By combining all of these elements with the outstanding orchestrations and epic choirs, BRYMIR have definitely managed to create an album lacking any lows. (LT)

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2. Swallow The Sun – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

SWALLOW THE SUN once again those beautiful soundscapes that we are all secretly in love with. The most incredible elements in this album definitely are the weeping sound of the strings, the haunting piano, chilling chord progressions, and Mikko Kotamäki‘s often vulnerable vocals. “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” summarized in one word: Ineffable. (LT)

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1. Insomium – Heart Like A Grave

With “Heart Like a Grave” INSOMNIUM reach a new level of excellence in their songwriting and performance, becoming one of the most interesting melodeath releases of the year. The production is flawless, the sound is crispy and allows them to create very atmospheric moments, where you can easily immerse yourself in a dark and cold Finnish forest on a winter’s night. Anyone who has spent a winter in this country can relate to the feeling of melancholia surrounding the album. The addition of Jani as a third guitar player and as a songwriter clearly adds a more melodic touch to the band, allowing them to evolve in a maybe more commercial direction, but without losing their musical identity. We’re looking forward to seeing them on the road! (DA)

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