REVIEW: Beast In Black – From Hell With Love


Beast In Black unleashed their debut album Berserker to the masses at the end of 2017. A bit more over a year later the band is now ready to release their sophomore album From Hell With Love to the world. We are here to put the album up to the test, and discover if the album is as outstanding as the raving reviews its predecessor got. 



The album kicks off with the energetic "Cry Out For A Hero", and already starts off with singer Yannis Papadopoulos best feature, Rob Halford-esque vocals. Combine that together with the eighties keyboard sounds, and the almost disco and synthpop vibe that mastermind Anton Kabanen combines into the mix with power metal, and you get a recipe for success. Even though the combination might seem a bit odd to the older generation of metalheads, it works like a charm. 

Title track "From Hell With Love" starts off with videogame-like synths (which as a keyboard player I'm perhaps a tiny bit resistant on, but it does work within the context of the album), and then smoothly transitions into a more mellow, but equally energetic song that is filled with hooks, and catchy melodies. 

The album continues with "Sweet True Lies", the first single of From Hell With Love. "Sweet True Lies" brings you back to the eighties. This is not the first band to release an album that sounds as if the band had invented a time machine (The Night Flight Orchestra, I'm looking at you!). Releasing this single as the first one is definitely a good choice, it's definitely one of the highlights of the album. 

Speaking of highlights, the next song in line "Repentless" is at the moment perhaps my favorite track on the album. It's an epic power metal track, that reminds us of the old days of glory of the genre. Choirs, lyrics, vocals, everything is on point in this track. The same goes for the second single of the album, "Die By The Blade". 

"Oceandeep" offers a break from all the energetic, addictive songs. Even though in general I usually skip the ballads, I haven't missed one second out of "Oceandeep". It's that kind of epic power metal ballad that everyone is going to scream along to when played during a show. I already imagine people holding up their flashlights, or lighters in the air. 

The previous album had "Eternal Fire" which was perhaps not the best track of the album, but when you heard it, you were singing it out loud for the rest of the week. "Unlimited Sin" is such a song to me as well. "True Believer" continues in the same style, it is perhaps a more mellow song, and feels to have a strong influence by eurodance classics in the keyboard sections. Both songs are true earworms.

"This Is War" reminds of older Battle Beast tracks, and is less fueled with the disco beats. It's more guitar-driven, with Berserk-themed lyrics. "This Is War" is perhaps one of the heaviest tracks on the album so far.  

"Heart Of Steel" begins with an epic drum intro, of which you would think it would lead into the heaviest song of the album, but in fact it smoothly transitions again into a keyboard-driven track that is very addictive. 

"No Surrender" is one of the other heaviest tracks of the album. It's actually a surprisingly motivational song, with a really heartwarming chorus, and melodies woven around the chorus throughout the song. 

Now rests us the question whether this album can live up to the standards of its predecessor. Yes! Totally! From Hell With Love offers a variety of tracks, where we meet the bests of each of the players. Combining Yannis Papadopoulos' diverse vocals, with hooky riffs, and impressive guitar solos, with a more keyboard-driven sound shows a different side of the band. From Hell With Love has something for everyone in there, and in general will make you want to wear your mother's neon jazzercising clothes from the eighties, and dance all night to the sounds of the guitars. An absolute must listen, A class album, that will definitely hit the charts! 

1. Cry Out For A Hero
2. From Hell With Love
3. Sweet True Lies
4. Repentless
5. Die By The Blade
6. Oceandeep
7. Unlimited Sin
8. True Believer
9. This Is War
10. Heart Of Steel
11. No Surrender

Beast In Black are:
Anton Kabanen | guitars, vocals
Yannis Papadopoulos | lead vocals
Kasperi Heikkinen | guitars
Mate Molnar | bass
Atte Palokangas | drums