Tuonela Magazine’s Top 5 albums of 2019


2019 has come to an end. Whether this year has been a great success to you or a complete disaster, it’s undeniable that throughout these 365 days a lot of brilliant music was released. 2019 was one of the biggest years for metal in quite a while with a couple of long-promised new records that we have been looking forward to for years.

Tuonela Magazine‘s staff took a look at all the releases, and each member of the staff choose their favorite ones for each category. Today we’d like to share what the 5 most popular releases were of those lists.

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5. Opeth – In Cauda Venenum

“In Cauda Venenum” is otherworldly, it takes you to complete new levels and dimensions, on a journey through an emotive soundscape created by OPETH. Including complex and jazzy bass lines, beautiful harmonies, intricate guitar sections, killer riffs, the album is perhaps OPETH‘s most ambitious project and is topped off by a beautiful, and fragile vocal performance of Mikael Åkerfeldt. (LT)

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4. Cellar Darling – The Spell

While the Grimm brothers collected ancient fairy tales traveling from mouth to mouth from generation to generation, CELLAR DARLING create their own grim fairytale through their music, which allows an immersive and emotional experience for anyone listening. (LT)

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3. Myrath – Shehili

In high school, we were taught that while not the largest or driest of the deserts, the Sahara has a major influence on weather across the Western Hemisphere, and that’s exactly the effect that MYRATH‘s sound has on us. “Shehili” trickles sand particles carried on dry, hot winds, with its oriental-infused blazing desert metal, that will instantly melt the hearts of those facing it, they won’t know what hit them! (LT)

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2. Leprous – Pitfalls

With “Pitfalls”LEPROUS drifts away once more from their metal roots into more diverse territories, including a wide range of music styles, daring to experiment with less heavy elements such as synth-pop. Given the constant evolution of this band and their reluctance to subscribe to any genre, in particular, the result feels organic and fascinating, although some might point out the lack of guitars and real drums at times. The sophistication and elegance of their sound will allow them to keep growing in the contemporary prog scene, and I’m sure that the fans will embrace this new album because after all, in order to consider yourself a LEPROUS fan you have to, at least in part, expect the unexpected. (DA)

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1. Soen – Lotus

“Lotus” is many things. It’s heavy, it’s melodic, it’s dark, it’s light, it’s filled with contrasts that are put together as if they belong with one another. All-in-all the album is an outstanding record that is yet another hit. We all know that SOEN delivers, and this again is proof that the band reaches new highs every time they release something. The band describes “Lotus” as “intoxicating, addictive aural therapies, questioning much of today’s darkness while juxtaposing them with moments of great escape and hope,” I can’t come up with a more accurate description of what it feels like to listen to this album. But one thing I’m sure of, this album is going to score high on the end of the year lists! (LT)

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