REVIEW: The Fair Attempts – arisTotal


REVIEW: The Fair Attempts - ArisTotal


THE FAIR ATTEMPTS is the solo project of Friendly Timo, who was used to play in an industrial metal band that even had a record deal. The band was gaining more and more success, but then Friendly Timo's wife was diagnosed with Multiple Scelerosis, and as a result Friendly Timo left the band, and decided to take care of her. Putting his career on hold, while taking care of her, was rough. He became frustrated, angry and isolated, these dark feelings resulted in his solo project: THE FAIR ATTEMPTS. Friendly Timo recently released THE FAIR ATTEMPTS' debut EP "arisTotal", which came out on 8 February 2019. 

Even though the days that I used to listen to electronic music are far behind me, I decided to give the EP a chance. I do find that I often struggle finding the words, since I don't know enough about the music genre by itself, but let's give the review a go. In general "arisTotal" is a fascinating beast due to its music. Not a single one of the songs on the EP ever get stale, there was never a time when I wanted to skip a song, it's not repetitive, and there's a lot of variety present on the album. Altogether the album consists of songs that represent industrial experimentation and moodiness, and are often filtered over underlying somber tones. That's no surprise when you think about the story of Friendly Timo and the reason why he started THE FAIR ATTEMPTS. In fact, it's amazing to me that this EP still has kind of a light feeling to it. The album sounds well-balanced when it comes down to the production, making this a very strong debut EP. 

THE FAIR ATTEMPTS may just be starting out, but Friendly Timo certainly already shows his refined technique and great control over his own art. This is a project that can grow into really something special. It's perhaps not something that I see myself listening to on a daily basis, just because the genre is not really my cup of tea, but I'm fairly certain fans of the genre will definitely appreciate "arisTotal". So, whether you are looking to add music to your playlist or a nice soundtrack to accompany your day with, "arisTotal" is totally an absolute must. 


1. Blowback
2. Bad Battery
3. Aristotal
4. A Day of Concern
5. Catwalk
6. Blowback – Chemical Warfare remix