REVIEW: Thy Row – EP: Thy Row


Review: Thy ROW - EP Thy Row


The up and coming Helsinki-based hard rock act THY ROW, identify themselves as a band with a sound that begs for no forgiveness and bows for very few. They promise that if it's up to them, rock 'n' roll hasn't died as of yet. The band is releasing their debut EP on 14 March 2019. Previously, the band has released two singles "Hidebound", and "The Round", both songs have been floating around Spotify playlists ever since. Expectations are certainly high, so now it's time to see whether THY ROW can deliver the audience what they promised. 

"Just Fine" starts off as a real ear-worm with a big chorus that becomes more and more inescapable: "My companions are my inner brothers" is a phrase that stands out and will probably be chanted aloud by many fans in the future. It's cool, it's heavy, rough around the edges and definitely a great start to a promising debut EP. What's especially great about this track are the great melody lines twirled around the heavy riffs, powerful vocals and pounding rhythm sections. "The Round" follows smoothly, and kicks off with an insane intro where tension rises up rather quickly by powerful screams leading the song to its true beginning. "The Round" already shows a different side of the band, being a bit more uptempo. The vocals tend to be more like a punch in the face, with riffs that have the sole purpose of knocking you out. The song is a furious assault that comes with a catchy hook from the right, accompanied by a compelling guitar solo by Teemu Mäntysaari, that almost demands you to hit replay. "Hidebound" is perhaps lighter in the verses, groovier in the chorus, offering a bit of light and shade before a smooth slide to the solo. It's a huge song, and one that I can totally imagine fans rocking out to together with the band. "Beyond Reason" feels a bit more nostalgic, leading towards heavy metal in its pure essence, twin guitars accompanying the heavy vocals in the verses, leading up to furious riffs, and a demanding chorus.

The self-titled EP, unfortunately, only contains four tracks, and time goes by rather fast when you are listening to them. Before you know it you have already come to the end of it.  THY ROW certainly have created a unique sound in a society overflowing with hard rock that is nowadays mostly influenced by either speed metal, or glam rock, overlooking classic hard rock and heavy metal acts. With their sound, THY ROW pay an homage to all the classic hard rock and heavy metal acts of old, with their own modern down-to-earth touch to it. Remember those expectations in the beginning? If you are wondering if they were met, here's what I have to say about them. THY ROW may not bow to just about anybody, but mark my words that there will be tons of people kneeling down for them. Let's hope they show us mercy when the time comes. 



Mikael Salo - Vocals

Jussi Laulainen - Guitar

Ville Vase - Guitar

Juho Jokimies - Bass

Snake Laitinen - Drums