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Spiritraiserin uudella Glory-singlellä mennään omien rajojen äärille.

Spiritraiser release new lyric video for "Glory." Watch the lyric video here... (News in Finnish)

Kotimaiselle Spiritraiserille kansainvälinen levydiili post-rockiin keskittyvän Luminol Recordsin kanssa

Spiritraiser will release their next album via Luminol Records. Learn more here (vain suomeksi / only in Finnish)...

17.10.2018 Spiritraiser @ Nosturi, Helsinki

After my interview with the guys of Spiritraiser some months ago, I, of course, wanted to attend their concert, no question about that. So, on...

REVIEW: Spiritraiser – Inspiral

Spiritraiser was formed in Helsinki in 2010. It includes members from Sleep of Monsters and Profane Omen. The band themselves describes their music as atmospheric rock, combining the versatile...

Interview with Spiritraiser — “You should just go ahead, if you’re...

Spiritraiser releases their debut album “Inspiral” on 28 September 2018. The band has a unique atmospheric sound that feels almost indescribable. The band is...