SONG OF THE DAY: Supersonic Blues Machine – Is It All ft. Joe Louis Walker


Hopefully you’ve heard word of SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE, as we checked out their June 2022 release, Voodoo Nation (Mascot Label Group/Provogue), and found it to be quite satisfactory. This trio’s sound is centered around that classic 1970s hippy hard rock, that put a focus on solid musicianship and good grooves rather than image or flare. Now, SBM have released a new lyric video single for album track “Is it All,” which happens to feature the legendary Joe Louis Walker on guest vocals.

On the surface level, “Is it All” might not stand out that much as an individual track at first, when compared to groovier songs like “Money” or “8 Ball Lucy.” However, it seems to consistently build up with enough power that it wiggles its way into your ear and draws your attention to it every single time, until it somehow manages to become an album highlight. This may be in part because of the soothing and bluesy voice from the aforementioned JLW, who does most of the vocal duties on this track with absolute class and style.

It really is no wonder that this song was chosen to be a single, as it really brings the listener back to that southern rock-meets-hippy phase of laid-back guitar-and-bass-driven rock music. The strong bass line really moves the track along and the electric guitar flavor is superb, going beautifully along with the soft drums. The build-up to the first chorus is sublime, as vocalist Kris Barras sings with Walker, who adds beautiful vibrato and trills that really elevate the whole thing. The strong classic guitar sound permeates through the entire track, with the sound deeply triggering that ’70s nostalgia. Throw some female backing vocalists in there and you’ve got a picture-perfect modern-quality take on a sound that many thought to be long dead and gone. It almost brings a tear to the eye.

Ultimately, “Voodoo Nation” proved to be a pretty excellent album and if you’re looking to make an impact with a single, “Is it All” does a pretty decent job of sharing the meaning with a fantastic musical backing. The lyric video shows some material of the band overlaid with the lyrics, which are pretty good regarding their somewhat existential subject. Definitely a more-than-worthy Song of the Day!