Song of the Day: Manuel Barbará – Clockwork Soul


Finding inspiration in a wide range of classical, neoclassical, as well as contemporary artists and bands, New Jersey -based guitarist and composer Manuel Barbará managed to find his very own style and sound over the years. After having released one of my favorite instrumental albums in 2021 with “Moonrise,” the guitar wizard shared a new song on July 1st, 2022: “Clockwork Soul,” which also features drummer Joey Ferretti and Nick Thorpe on bass.

Inviting the listener in with some mystical soundscapes, the tempo and mood change immediately when the trio start firing on all cylinders with a djent-driven, pushing rhythmic sound alongside Manuel’s epic and virtuosic guitar work. The overall sound is dark and mighty, but every now and then gets brightened by some gleaming tones. The use of electronic sounds add a modern vibe as well and he skillfully alternates between full-power, highly technical, and calmer, atmospheric parts, before taking us to the gigantic ending riff.

“Clockwork Soul” can be seen as a stylistic evolution from “Moonrise,” complex and sophisticated, but always well-composed and in a great flow. The driving, yet varied rhythmic brings in an amazing energy, so does the fantastic guitar playing. Manuel Barbará delivers modern, instrumental progressive metal at its finest, and if you’re into artists like PERIPHERY or Paul Wardingham, his work might be right up your alley.

Written by Katha