SONG OF THE DAY: Elvenking – The Moon and Magic


Who can resist a folky tale of magic, wonder, and moonlight, especially when it comes from such an established band as ELVENKING? Released on March 26th, 2021, standalone single “The Moon and Magic” acts like a link between the band’s latest album, 2019’s “Reader of the Runes – Divination,” and the next chapter in their discography.

Stylistically, “The Moon and Magic” falls pretty much in line with ELVENKING’s core sound, showcasing all the elements that have made the band such a distinctive and easily recognizable presence in the metal scene. Their signature mixture of uplifting violin melodies and heavy guitar work lends itself perfectly to the story being told in the lyrics. Opening on gentle acoustic guitar and violin that give off a wanderlust vibe, the drums and guitars soon kick things up a notch but ultimately the song settles in a mid-tempo pace, which better suits its melodic backbone.

Despite the storytelling aspect that the song clearly has, it lives off of the chorus. The vocal layering makes it sound like there’s a choir behind it, giving it bombast and folkish charm. The fact that is so incredibly catchy and dance-friendly only speaks to the band’s knack for such groovy melodies. However, that guitar solo is not to be taken lightly, as it adds a bit of aggression to the song, contrasting with its otherwise peaceful and serene atmosphere. The accompanying video captures this sense of peace and serenity nicely as it shows the band walking through a forest interspersed with beautiful nature shots.

There’s something deeply enchanting about ELVENKING’s music and this statement is not up for debate. I mean, it’s not for nothing that they are regarded as one of Europe’s top folk/pagan metal bands and “The Moon and Magic” transports the listener into this wondrous world that the band seems to conjure up so effortlessly. Check out the video below and step into a realm where elves and fairies live in harmony.

Written by Andrea Crow



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