SONG OF THE DAY: CyHra – Battle from Within (Musicalypse Archive)


A lot of people worldwide who suffer from mental illness find solace in heavy metal – the look, the community, and of course, the lyrics. CYHRA‘s own Jake E. lost his brother (presumably) to suicide some years ago, which he mentioned during their show at Ääniwalli on October 3rd, 2019, before they played the song dedicated to this, “Battle from Within.” Without having heard the song beforehand, it was hard to really get the song at that time, but fortunately we now have this lyric video.

I couldn’t say if CYHRA is the first band to have fan’s showing the lyrics for a lyric video (at least having fan contributions is not new), but it was at least the first time I’ve personally seen this type of lyric video and found it was extremely creative, but also expressed the emotions of the song in a way I’ve never really seen before. The song is lyrically very emotional – straightforward and beautifully tragic, yet heartwarming and hopeful. Some of the fans are just holding up their card, but a few of them look really connected to the song (shout out to the woman holding the “all those memories in common” card at 2:30).

It’s also worth noting that at 1:58 in the song, no one holds up a card with the lyric, but there is a photo of Jake‘s two children when he sings “you’ll never meet my son or daughter.” This is the only moment in the song where there isn’t anyone holding up a card, it’s extremely personal, and also very heartbreaking.

At 1:07 in the song, it says “please sing for me” and now I find myself wishing that I had known the lyrics so I could have back during the gig. For anyone out there with depression (or any other mental health disorder), remember that there is love and support out there in the world for you, you need only reach out. Like the video says at the end, you belong in this world.

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2019
OV: 764


Jake E. – vocals

Jesper Strömblad – guitars

Euge Valovirta – guitars

Alex Landenburg – drums



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