SONG OF THE DAY: Amaranthe – PvP


After a fiery and immersive show at DreamHack in 2019, and considering how multi-layered and dynamic AMARANTHE’s music is, there is no surprise the Swedish band was the one to perform the official anthem for Sweden’s national E-sports team. Under the title “PvP,” which means “player versus player,” the track is massive in sound, energetic, and vibrant, showcasing the strength of AMARANTHE’s modern metal sound.

Clocking in at just 3 short minutes of playtime, “PvP” is compact, straightforward, and pure, undiluted AMARANTHE. The electronic overlays are pulsating in and out of the tapestry of guitar melodies and intertwined vocals, while the drums keep a steady, intricate rhythm underneath. Elize Ryd’s crystalline and powerful vocals clash constantly with GG6’s fierce growls, adding to the tension of the guitars; Nils Molin’s melodic cleans seem to be used less than on “Manifest,” but are still resonant whenever they pop up. As per usual, the chorus is big and anthemic, counterbalancing the rhythmic diversity that is underpinning the melodic backbone of the track. The music is constantly shifting thanks to the many stop/start moments that echo the tension and intensity of gaming, while the lyrics paint vivid pictures of a gamer’s life.  

Commenting on the new track, the band stated the following:

 “We are proud to have some of the world’s foremost E-sport competitors in Sweden, and to write a song for the Swedish World Cup team has been a ton of fun! Writing uplifting, energetic songs is a trademark AMARANTHE feature, and ‘PvP’ is certainly no exception! Designed from the ground up to be a shot of adrenaline and endorphins in these progressively darker times, we hope that you will enjoy this one-off, and of course, we wish the Swedish World Cup team all the success they rightfully deserve!”

“PvP” is not just a rousing track meant to energize and uplift listeners, but also a dazzling display of everything that has made AMARANTHE a force to be reckoned with on the Swedish (and international) metal scene. Swirling instrumentations and up-tempo melodies have been a mark of the band’s versatile sonic world and are always delivered with artistry and passion. Check out the track below or stream it on your favorite streaming platform

Written by Andrea Crow