Sabbath Stage at Mystic Festival 2022: Spells & Devils!


Black metal rage, folk from the North and the South, Gothic darkness, as well as the mud and the blood from the World War I trenches – this, and more awaits you at the Sabbath Stage.

When we plan our trips to large festivals, our main focus is on the headliners – and that’s understandable, especially given the kind of bands that will visit Gdańsk this June. However, we should not forget about the bands whose names are written in the poster with a smaller font. Some of them you will see in the unique program of the Sabbath Stage. Do not miss them, as among them will surely see some of the festival’s future headliners.

Thursday June 2th, the Sabbath Stage is managed by our friends from Napalm Events. They brought us Ukrainian band 1914, who will tell the story of the atrocities of World War I through an epic death/doom narrative, Danish (0) and KONVENT, which roam between black, doom and post-metal, as well as Norwegian DWAAL who conjoin doom and sludge.

Friday June 3rd will bring us French melancholy and gloom of HANGMAN’S CHAIR and DÉLUGE, whose post-hardcore expressiveness mingles with black metal rage and ambient depth. The Polish scene will be represented here as well, with FLESHWORD (we just cannot stop listening to their fantastic record „The Essence Has Changed, but the Details Remain“ from 2019), as well as CZERŃ, which pushes the metal spectrum to punk sounds.

On Saturday June 4th, the Sabbath Stage will be managed by Iron Realm Productions, which means the stage will become a space of haunting rituals. Mortiis needs no introduction – he’s a walking legend and eremite whose music is an amalgam of Gothic, electropop and industrial. Lindy-Fay Hella, the female element of WARDRUNA, will perform here as a solo act. She’ll sing of the cold, Nordic legends. Next, we’ll see Irfan, whose sound springs from a multicultural tradition of the Balkans. Swedish GRIFT will stab you with a black metal sting and put you away with a folk ballad – but invariably his music will be the sound of despair and solitude. Finally, post-metal ROSK from Warszawa will cover the stage in ritualistic darkness.