REVIEW: Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze


Now that autumn is around the corner, and stores have infested their collection with Halloween material, it’s the perfect timing for a brand new WEDNESDAY 13 release. The band is releasing a brand new album named “Necrophaze” on 27 September 2019 through Nuclear Blast.

WEDNESDAY 13 has always been inspired by horror, but this time around the album got heavily inspired by the real-life night terror occurrences of Wednesday himself, historical serial killers, and a slew of 80s horror films, some might think it’s a recipe for utter terror, but in this case, a pleasure to the ear. This becomes clear in the album through the introductions to some of the songs, and with certain nuances in the background, such as Roy Mayorga of STONE SOUR who is providing an eerie, authentic, 80s inspired synth soundtrack-score to the album… All these items result in an album that feels very much like a horror movie by itself.

The title track of the album kicks off the album in style with a legendary figure in the shock rock scene, Mr. Alice Cooper, killing it with a rhyme. The track starts slow but progresses in a trademark WEDNESDAY 13 song with all its campiness included. While its predecessor “Condolences” showed us a more serious side to his music, this time around Wednesday opted for a humorous approach to the songs, resulting in songs like “Bring Your Own Blood”. “Zodiac Killer” is a very eerie song, with its roots in industrial metal. “Monster” features Cristina Scabbia from LACUNA COIL, which adds more melodic touch to the album. One of the singles “Decompose”, is perhaps one of the catchiest tracks, but very grim. Even though WEDNESDAY 13 has a very distinct style, the album is incredibly diverse, “The Hearse” includes black metal elements that might come as a bit of a surprise, but fit so well with the music. “The Hearse” might just be the heaviest song on the album, and really is one of my personal highlights. “Life Will Kill Us All”, ironically, at times feels like a very uplifting track, and somehow left me feeling all warm inside, and singing the chorus along the way after the song already ended. It’s deadly catchy, “Bury The Hatchet” continues in a similar style but feels a little bit more like a punk rock song. Alice Cooper takes his role up again, as the narrator of our horror movie in “Necrophaze Main Theme (End Credits)”, but that is surprisingly not where the story ends… “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast” features Alexi Laiho, and ends the album on a high energetic note.

All-in-all this album is the perfect example of why I’ve been a fan of WEDNESDAY 13 all these years. Their albums always are bloody consistent, campy and a lot of fun to listen to. The addition of the keyboards by Mayorga give this album a very cinematic vibe, lifting “Necrophaze” to its true potential. If you dare, listen to “Necrophaze” it’s deadly catchy, has killer riffs and poisonous melodies.


Wednesday 13 | vocals
Roman Surman| guitar
Jack Tankersley | guitar
Troy Doebbler | bass
Kyle Castronovo | drums


  1. Necrophaze
  2. Bring Your Own Blood
  3. Zodiac
  4. Monster
  5. Decompose
  6. Be Warned
  7. The Hearse
  8. Tie Me A Noose
  9. Life Will Kill Us All
  10. Bury The Hatchet
  11. Necrophaze Main Theme (End Credits)
  12. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)


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