REVIEW: From Grotto & Niilo Takalainen – Noita (Official Soundtrack), vol. 1 (Musicalypse Archive)


We at Musicalypse are music people, but some of us also also game people and game soundtracks are some of the most underrated music of all time. When the Finnish gaming company Nolla Games announced their new release, Noita, it came with a soundtrack written by local stoner/psychedelic band FROM GROTTO and Niilo Takalainen. Since the game received rave reviews, we decided to check out what the young locals had to offer.

The overall feeling of this album is very groovy and psychedelic, but also dreamy and atmospheric. Each song has its own feeling that I can easily imagine being very good for scene-setting in-game. Each piece can easily be attributed to down time, travel, and/or excitement and intrigue. The inclusion of extra sounds, be they from shaman drums, bird sounds, or even tinkling percussion, all create a wonderful soundscape wherein this shamanistic game is set. The names are quite fun too, including some gems like “Daddy Long-Legs Surprise” and “There’s Sand in My Wand.”

Whether you’re playing Noita or just sitting back and listening to something mellow and fun, this soundtrack is a great listen. The progressive sounds are masterfully blended to create a fantastic audio setting for a game, or just for your mysterious shamanistic evening. This is definitely one of my personal favorite OSTs in quite a few years.

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2019
OV: 1788
OS: 10/10


  1. Enter the Cave
  2. Daddy Long-Legs Surprise
  3. Out-Take I – Herkku
  4. Sweet Depths
  5. Teleport to Happier Times
  6. There’s Sand in My Wand
  7. Beat of the Cosmos
  8. Peace at Last
  9. Holy Mountain Theme


From Grotto – instruments

Niilo Takalainen – vocals


Independent / Nolla Games



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