REVIEW: VV – Gothica Fennica Vol. 1


“And now for something completely different…” is what Ville Valo posted on the Heartagram Facebook page, with a link to different streaming versions to be able to listen to his new EP “Gothica Fennica Vol. 1” released on 20 March 2020. The ex-frontman of HIM took the world by surprise with new music, and made many fans across the globe excited, but what can you expect from these new songs?

The EP consists out of three brand new songs, starting off with “Salute The Sanguine,” you’re hit by the melodies that we all know from HIM. The song reminds me of the “Dark Light” album. The melancholic melodies and catchy choruses definitely make this track stand out from the rest of the EP, and therefore a great way to open the release. “Gothica Fennica Vol.1” continues with “Run Away From The Sun,” which follows in a similar style. With a bit more of a mellow atmosphere, the song continues to let HIM-fans feel nostalgic about their music, and show how much Ville Valo‘s trademark fragile vocals are still very much on point. The much too soon end of “Gothica Fennica Vol. 1” is “Saturnine Saturnalia,” a slower song, with a bit of a grungy vibe to it in the guitars. The breakdown is reminiscent of “In The Arms Of Rain” from “Screamworks.” The song eventually ends with a huge soundscape, progressing into a subtle outro that leaves the listener to linger for a little bit more.

Ville Valo was the main driving factor of HIM, so there’s no surprise that these three tracks are very reminiscent of his earlier work with the in 2017 split up band. What this means is still a bit unclear, but given that the EP is called Vol. 1, it’s safe to assume there might as well be a Vol. 2 at some point. Like Ville Valo once said to Kerrang: “… The HIM part is done, as it is now, the chapter is closed, but the book is still unfinished…”



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