REVIEW: Twilight Force – Dawn Of The Dragonstar


The Swedish fantasy power metal act TWILIGHT FORCE has returned with one blast of an album named “Dawn Of The Dragonstar”, which one big difference. Allyon has joined the ranks and replaced vocalist Chrileon as a singer. The album was released 16 August 2019 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Kicking off with its title track, the album starts off on a high note. Beautiful melodies, dramatic sections, increasing the atmosphere in general that is vastly connected with its storyline. When Allyon‘s voice kicks in, we understand why he was chosen, he couldn’t possibly be a better fit. His vocal performance lifts the band’s music up to a next level. The opening track is definitely one of the highlights of the album. “Thundersword” has that typical TWILIGHT FORCE sound that almost sounds like the soundtrack of a nineties adventure movie. In this track, it’s clear how much attention the band puts in the orchestrations, as they are beautifully arranged, with often surprising little details and elements. “With The Light Of A Thousand Suns” is another of my personal highlights, this seven-minute epic song, is proof of how this band can create magical soundscapes that fit the storyline of the album in general. After a song like this, it’s hard to believe that this album is not a movie because I swear if I would close my eyes, dragons start flying by. If you like your songs a little bit darker, and perhaps more dramatic “Hydra”, is again an outstanding track that adds a little bit of diversity to this album. The true masterpiece on this album, however, is the 12-minute epic “Blade Of Immortal Steel”, that ends the album with a huge climax.

“Dawn Of The Dragonstar” has lifted TWILIGHT FORCE to the next level. This album has everything, it’s fantastic, majestic and beautifully crafted. There’s suspense, drama, and beautifully crafted melodies that are enforced by Allyon‘s voice. A must-have for power metal fans!


Allyon | vocals
Lynd | electric & acoustic guitars, lute
Born | bass
Blackwald | keyboards, piano, violin, cembalo
De’Azsh | drums


  1. Dawn Of The Dragonstar 3:37
  2. Thundersword 4:58
  3. Long Live The King 4:22
  4. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns 6:53
  5. Winds Of Wisdom 5:35
  6. Queen Of Eternity 5:02
  7. Valley Of The Vale 3:44
  8. Hydra 5:34
  9. Night Of Winterlight 5:07
  10. Blade Of Immortal Steel 12:29